SOLD - KARTELL Shelving. Design by Olaf von Bohr. Sold from 1969 - 1975

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Double shelving unit by KARTELL. Designed in 1969 by Olaf von Bohr. sold from 1969 to 1975. Very good to Excellent condition. Minor scratches and scrapes, some age discoloration (yellowing) from age. Placing in sunshine will "bleach" the discoloration. One small 1" x 1/4" break to one edge of one shelf. Made of ABS plastic. This shelving was used in many high end "boutique" retail and office settings. Very sturdy. Multiple shelving arrangements possible. Shelves measure 32"+ long and 11" deep. The uprights are of two different heights. The unit measures approximately 5.5' wide x 11" deep x 6.5' high.  Shipable disassembled in 4 boxes. Shipping costs vary by destination.