KARTELL Stacking Drawers Program, Set of Four Drawers and One Top. Design by Simon Fussell

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Vintage and rare 4 drawer and flat top stacking drawers. Kartell Stacking Drawer Program line of storage from the 1970s. The drawers and top are all intact and do not have any breaks or cracks. The ABS plastic has aged to a light beige color. The units are offered as found. There is glue residue from packing tape on the sides of most drawer sections.  All the drawers are marked Kartell Storage Drawer Program  Design by Simon Fussell. Post modern Italian design. The individual drawer units measure: 16.6" square and 5.5" High. Each unit has four pins on the top that fit into four holes on the frame of the next stacking unit. The separate top fits over the four pins. The drawer units can be stacked 2, 3, 4, 10 , 20 high.  We have two of these four drawer units available. Available only as a four Drawer unit with top.