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Check for other listings to see the complete folio edition. Complete 10 lithograph folio of work by Russian / Israeli artist Moshe Tamir. Hardboard folio with descriptive sheet. Signed in English and Hebrew. Features 10 lithographs, each numbered 12/150. With the exception of the matt on one print, the inside front cover and the descriptive page, all prints are in excellent condition. The Matt of one print and the inside cover of the binder show some waterspotting. This folio is a collection of Abstract interpretations of animals, birds, buildings and landscapes. The exhibition this folio was derived from was presented in 1964 at the Haifa Museum of Modern Art, Israel. It was directed by Dr. F. Shiff. Included with the folio is a 4 page biography and directors explanation of the exhibit and an accompanying catalogue of 37 work that were part of an exhibit.