20th Century Art & Design

Whether the spare, clean lines of a Bauhaus designed "Wassily" chair by Marcel Breuer; the bright, colorful and fun style of an Eames designed ESU storage unit; or the sleek, delicate look of a Bruno Matheson Pernilla lounge and ottoman, modernist design is with us once again. 
Turn on your TV, open a trendy magazine, visit a museum -- everywhere you look Bauhaus, Art Deco, Streamline, Machine Age, Mid Century, Danish, Italian, Retro, Funky is IN.
We are trying to put our own interpretation of the mid century forward while also trying to encourage contemporary design.  Our goal is to present designs with great form, functionality and fun.  We offer popular mid century items with good craftsmanship, good design, and good style.
After all, a chair is just a chair except when it makes someone say "Now that's a chair!"